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2015 Minnesota Fastpitch Academy-Foundation Raffle Winners


Prize Value TICKET # Name
Cold Stone $15.00 2463 Tyler Smysen
Cold Stone $15.00 28 Galli
Cold Stone $15.00 2081 Tina Labarre
Cold Stone $15.00 254 Win Adams
Subway $15.00 1227 Janice Taramelli
Subway  $15.00 1576 Angela Groebner
Subway $15.00 3103 Julie Mathies
Taco Bell $15.00 3034 Roger Kusick
Rock Bottom Combo $25.00 1302 Kim Yahnke
Rock Bottom Combo $25.00 1581 Deric Deuschle
Rock Bottom Combo $25.00 192 Manning Family
Rock Bottom Combo $25.00 2004 Michelle Poynter
Itunes $25.00 2965 Ryan Hawley
Itunes $25.00 1712 John Handers
Itunes $25.00 1578 Deric Deuschle
Itunes $25.00 1801 Patty Laumann
Central Liquors $25.00 3563 Kelly Reinhardt
612 Brewing $25.00 1941 Brandon Carver
Indeed Brewing $25.00 680 Patty Hoag
chipotle $25.00 2991 Alex Kirusek
red robin $25.00 1721 Danyelle Haley
starbucks $25.00 1463 Tim Petersen
AMC MovieCard $25.00 1706 Patty Ann Hadlich
AMC MovieCard $25.00 1396 Charlotte Rasmussen
AMC MovieCard $25.00 3204 Jeff Pounds
Chili's $25.00 455 Chad Redlin
Domino's $25.00 1001 Peggy Anderman
Buca Di beppo $50.00 1715 Eunice Hadlich
Buca Di beppo $50.00 20 Dodi Chandler
P.F. Chang's $50.00 3012 Libby Kopp
buffalo Wild wings $50.00 1329 Matt Ketchely
target $50.00 3587 Amy Turnock
target $50.00 3408 Frattalone
Chili's $50.00 3028 Libby Kopp
starbucks $50.00 2264 Carol Zemke
Cooler $60.00 1181 Troy Proctor
MFA Free Lesson $70.00 320 Donna Vreugdenhil
target $75.00 2546 Ben Brunn
target $75.00 2911 Joan Hurley
Circulon 13 piece pots $199.99 309 Derik Tully
Samsung Tablet 8 inch $219.99 2172 David Taylor
Nike Luggage  Bag $220.00 2155 Kelly Peterson
Bose Head Phones QC15 $239.00 1841 Ben Lohse
Apple Iwatch $349.00 1949 Regina Wetzel
Vizio M43-C1 tv $575.49 2298 Bob Audette


Congrats to our 14U Force Standering team for their amazing play in Huntington Beach California.  Minnesota Force finished the national tournament in a tie for 6th place!!!!  Great Job Force!!

Minnesota Force Academy


Julie Standering's Minnesota Fastpitch Academy is a softball consulting organization committed to the development of Minnesota youth softballers of all ages through player programs for skill development, leadership development of youth and high school coaches and the support of softball organizations within Minnesota townships. This first of its kind consulting team features elite fastpitch softball training from the most experienced and accomplished fastpitch coaches and players ever assembled in the state of Minnesota.

The purpose of the Minnesota Fastpitch Academy is to build better women athletes and leaders by further expanding the scope and opportunity for social and athletic development for young women throughout Minnesota, through intense skills and sports psychology development from elite, world class female softball players and coaches. The organization is designed to expand the system of women's social and athletic development by creating a natural process for success mentoring through elite fastpitch softball training. The MFA sees an opportunity to play a significant role in the ongoing process of building momentum and enthusiasm for women's softball, while fostering interest and participation in Minnesota youth programs at all levels.

With an organization like Julie Standering's Minnesota Fastpitch Academy, Minnesota female youth athletes have an opportunity to exponentially excel their development. With more than 60 million softball players worldwide (60% of whom are women), and Minnesota being one of the highest states for amateur participation per capita, the landscape is ripe for a superior women's mentoring program. The MFA's athletes and professionals are excited with the prospect of giving back to Minnesota's communities through the development of women softball players, coaches, and programs.


MFA Camp Staff,

I also wanted to thank all of you for an amazing experience!!  Jordyn had

a blast at camp and literally could not wait to come each day. :-)  She

loved the coaches and learned a lot, is excited to apply it all to her

game.  She is so disappointed that she'll miss out on the last day.

Thanks again for such a great experience!

Gina M.


Hi Lisa;

I hope all is going well with you & you are enjoying your spring!  I just had to drop you a quick note.  Allie had her first games, and first playing with a new team.  She got up to bat 4 times and hit EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!  She got a triple and 3 doubles and two of them hit the grass on first bounce!  She really took what you all taught her to heart and it showed.  When we got in the car to come home, she goes "Mom, those hits felt really good!  And I know I was running faster and I know that is from being at MFA."  She also got the "most supportive teammate" award from her coach for cheering on her teammates - pretty cool to watch:)

Thank you again for all your encouragement to Allie and all she's learned.  She'll carry it forever.  

Natalie V

Hi Coach B, I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to you and all of the MFA staff!! Since joining your group, the improvement in Julia's hitting has been amazing. She hit back to back homeruns followed by a triple in the championship game and went 9 for 11 total in her high school tournament today. It's great to see the progress. You guys are amazing!!

Thanks again,

Chris A.

I am a Mom that has coached both of her daughters for the last 3 years and both are now 6 & 9 years old. I knew my oldest was ready for the next level and needed a new experience. My youngest, who picked up the sport early on, lacked the confidence to play if Mom wasn’t nearby coaching and a fear of being outside her comfort zone to learn new things. My oldest daughter loved the experience she had at one of MFA’s pitching clinics, and how much fun they made everything. I knew they were the right team to help me with both my daughter’s needs. The first day of their Instructional Clinic, both girls fearlessly learned new drills and left with soaring confidence due to the team’s ability to make them feel good about what they were learning. MFA kept both young girls 100% engaged the entire time, and they loved every minute of it. Only disappointment the girls had was the follow day when it wasn’t Clinic Day!  Kudos to MFA for giving my girls a great experience and making them love softball even more.  One satisfied Mom, and two very excited and happy girls. Thank you MFA!

Candi S.

Bella had try-outs for both her in-house team and the travel team and she received rave reviews from all of the coaches. She made the top travel team and the coach sent me a note commenting on her amazing improvement and confidence. He was in awe of her hitting, and all of her skills really. He's not overly known for his praise so I know if he says it, he really means it!!

MFA is a big part of that improvement so I wanted to thank you and Julie for the great work you do. We'll be back for more training for sure. We've had tons of parents ask us what she did to improve so much in the off season and we're spreading the word about the great work you do. She was good before but now she's at another level of play, which is exciting to see. You make it so fun that she never feels like it's a chore to go and it's clearly paid off in her skills and confidence. She can't wait for the season to start. Thanks again -

Tammy L.


MFA Instructional League

Thank you for your love of teaching softball to the crazy girls who love learning from you! The picture of all the girls is awesome, thank yoy taking the time to take it (no small task getting them to assemble in any manner with all that energy) and then taking the time to send share it.

You are a blessing to my daughter Paige she thinks the world of you and Julie.

Kori C.

Julie's personal commitment to excellence is amazing! She has a great understanding of the mental approach needed to excel at the next level! Head Coaching Legend University of Arizona