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Winter 1, Winter 2, and Spring Instructional Series

Winter 1, Winter 2 and Spring - Instructional Series Options


WHAT: Instructional Seroes is for 6 to 14 year old  players wanting to take their game to the next level.  Players are separated by age

APPROACH: Interactive and energetic! Each player will be given the opportunity to enhance the mental, physical and strategic aspects of their game while working alongside MFA instructors who have played and/or coached at the collegiate level.

OUR STAFF: MFA staff is dedicated to excellence and will coach your daughter in a positive, healthy, and competitive environment. We will challenge the girls in our Instructional Series to understand how to perform the detailed skills of the game, while we teach them about the ever-­‐important strategy necessary to beat the opposing team.

COST: The cost for each MFA Instructional Session is $185.

Pricing Options

  • Winter 1 Only: $185
  • Winter 2 Only: $185
  • Spring 1 Only: $185
  • Winter 1 and Winter 2 Only: $370
  • Winter 1 and Spring 1 Only: $370
  • Winter 2 and Spring 1 Only: $370
  • Winter 1, Winter 2 and Spring Clinics: $527.25 (includes 5% discount off of $555)