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Player Services

When it gets down to it, the MFA is all about the development of the player! Whether its summer ball, high school or college, we are here to help you play, compete and thrive at every level you choose to engage. You will learn the skills, mental preparation and approach to the game that will drive you to be the best softball player you can be. Our services for players include:

  • Circle of Champions - Advanced Training
  • Summer Player Camps
  • Winter & Pre-Season Clinics
  • N.C.A.A. Recruiting Seminars
  • Private Consulting for Small Groups & One-on-One Mentoring

Private Lessons

To any and all of its partners, the MFA offers the most intimate of learning sessions available in the marketplace: custom design, private consulting for individuals and/or small groups. Because of the one-on-one nature of the lessons, private mentoring provides the greatest opportunity for student growth. Each sessions is packed with information and knowledge specifically designed to increase the softball and leadership IQ of the student, while focusing on their specific area of developmental need. The custom nature of the sessions allows the student or group the ability to perfectly design the training to your specific needs, with an emphasis on the following skills

  • Fielding
  • Throwing
  • Catching
  • Pitching
  • Hitting
  • Slap hitting

Private lessons can be scheduled by emailing Lisa at: 

All private lessons take place at:

Minnesota Fastpitch Academy

899 3rd St. SW #2

New Brighton MN 55112

Cost is $80 per hour.

Circle of Champions

The MFA Circle of Champions is an advanced field and classroom training program, targeted for excellent fastpitch players, ages 13-18, looking for an elite experience that will test them well ahead of the curve. The goal of the program is to create better, smarter fastpitch players, who demonstrate enhanced leadership qualities. The program features classroom curriculum focused on increasing each athlete's softball IQ. Advanced concepts such as sport psychology and leadership development will be introduced, with the intent of challenging players to think about the game at a much higher level. The Circle of Champions program is the most advanced training offered by the MFA. The majority of the athletes in this program will be recommended by high school or summer club coaches or will be invited by our consulting team. If a player has not been recommended or invited, but desires to attend the training, they will be required to apply and provide at least 2 references. Athletes who make the cut will receive two terms of developmental work:

  • Term 1 - Chalk Talk: 5 sessions - 90 minute/session, during the fall/winter season
  • Term 2 - Chalk Talk: 5 sessions - 90 minute/session, during the winter/spring session

Summer Camps

Great Summer Camps are at the heart of what the MFA delivers! Skill development, exciting new drills, great staff, intense training and performance evaluation are all part of the fun! The MFA offers two types of Summer Camps to Minnesota Associations: Basic Camps and Advanced Camps. Basic Summer Camps are focused on softball fundamentals. "Campers" receive 70% general instruction and 30% advanced instruction on all phases of the game. The Advanced Summer Camps are designed to provide a broader challenge. Campers will spend 70% of the time on advanced concepts (like back handed fielding, diving, throwing on the run, hitting the outside pitch, mental enhance, rules, etc...) and 30% of their time on softball fundamentals. While the Basic Summer Camps are 3 days in duration, with 3 hour of instruction each day; the Advanced Summer Camps deliver 6 hours of instruction across 2 days. Player/coach ratios for all Summer Camps are 1:6, and campers are split up by age (7-13, 14-18). Players can register for Summer Camps on their own or through their Township or High School MFA service package. (Camp length and dates to be determined by association)

Winter and Pre-season Clinics

Extraordinary work can be accomplished through strong off-season work-out programs! The MFA Winter Clinics will be available to individual players as part of their Association or High School MFA service package. These 6-12 weeks of instruction are intended to be a custom fit for the needs of players within each unique Township or High School organization. The MFA will work closely with each High School/Association to determine timing, length and number of clinics (per weeks) as well as the specific skills to be covered (fielding, throwing, catching, pitching, hitting & slap hitting). One of the goals of the Winter Clinics is to give players lots of attention, including ongoing written evaluations.

NCAA Recruiting Seminars

This unique Seminar is intended to help prepare heavily recruited high school blue chip athletes for the rigors of the college recruiting process. The Seminar also provides terrific insight for lesser recruited athletes, wanting to proactively increase their odds of landing a college scholarship. Athletes will gain knowledge of:

  • NCAA Rules and Regulations
  • Academic Requirements
  • Overview on the General Recruiting Process
  • Recruiting Timeline - "What To Do" & "When To Do It"
  • Scholarship Breakdown
  • How to Market Yourself for College
  • College Exposure - "Getting Seen"